Non-profit Marketing StrategyExplained

it is crass that even in 21st-century marketing carries a negative connotation with it in most NPOs. maybe the age-old definition of marketing is to be blamed for that which states that marketing is about selling a product or a service

Nonprofits sell a cause, or rather communicate about the impact the cause creates

in this article, I will talk about the 5 W’s and 1 H of the social sector marketing.

what is non-profit marketing?

Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners,s and society at large. For us, nonprofit the important aspect is a value that we stand for and want to exchange in terms of awareness and encouraging a lifelong relation build up.

NPO market is about communicating the message clearly with the stakeholders involved and build a lifelong relationship with them for the cause

why do non-profit need marketing?

  • Creating awareness- there are certain causes that require awareness to bring a change in society and the social sector selling these causes
  • promoting a cause and a service
  • fundraising
  • encouraging membership and recurring donation
  • volunteering
  • driving social change

where should Nonprofits market themselves?

Nonprofit marketing is about clicking the right person to support them as either a volunteer or as a donor and sometimes an amalgamation of both as a member. for better accomplishment of work, nonprofits require better teammates and funds in this case the platform chosen for awareness is vital. the different platforms available are social media, donor management websites, volunteer generating websites, and most crucial is the website itself. Investment in a website is the most cost-effective approach as it helps in building and retaining the email list.

who should Nonprofit market?

For-profit Marketing starts with understanding the customer and developing a product that fits in. Similarly, a nonprofit marketing plan starts with connecting people with the same affection for the cause.

people around are looking for value exchange and something that is relevant to them .

Nonprofit digital marketing is about targeting relevant people, people who strongly believe in the cause and want to work for its betterment.

How should Nonprofit market?

In addition to the above-discussed points, the Nonprofit digital marketing strategy follows a 5 step funnel approach. This strategy starts with making people align with the mission of the nonprofit and ends with retaining supporters for the cause.

  1. Awareness: for a nonprofit to go big means increasing the reach of their work. to make people aware of the cause and the mission towards which the organization is work is the first step. social media marketing and content marketing helps in engaging with the people and selecting the right fit. Social media plays a crucial role in the development of a brand and reaching the masses. social media indirectly can help in building contacts through posts and driving traffic to the website. to drive traffic paid ads can be advantageous if used in the proper way to acquire leads. These leads can help in building the email list and forms an integrated marketing approach. apart from paid ads, SEO drives the organic traffic

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